Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). If you have any further questions about our ranges of New Zealand made furniture, please call in at one of our three shops or telephone us on 0800 605 120 If you wish you can also email us at

Common Questions

  • Do you finish your furniture in different coloured stains?
    We do five colours of finish in two timbers, Pacific Kauri and Rimu - finishes range from lovely Natural finish to the ever popular mild colours that enhance grain to very dark strong Brown/Black tones.
  • Can you alter the size of the furniture?
    Yes, we would be delighted to meet your requirements. Note however, there are some modest costs involved with this. We can go wider, higher, deeper, add or delete doors, drawers, shelves. Please email us or phone through with your enquiry.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Items in stock can be up to 10 days delivery.
    Items to be made for you can typically range from 4 - 6 weeks delivery.
  • What is Pacific Rimu?
    Basically it's the same tree (Podocarp family) grown in a different country. The quality of the imported Rimu is better than our locally grown trees, as timber in NZ can often be taken from gullies and wind fallen. The Pacific Rimu is straight in grain, clean from knots and of export grade.
  • Which is the harder of the two timbers? Kauri or Rimu?
    The Pacific Kauri has a density of 620 kg/m3 where the Pacific Rimu has a lower density of 440 kg/m3 making the Kauri a better choice for durability.
  • Will you do this furniture in another timber? – eg pine, oak?
    We use Pacific Kauri and Rimu, both of these timbers are fantastic furniture making timbers and produce beautiful furniture. Recently we have added American Oak as an option for some pieces. Enquire in-store.
  • Do I need to oil or polish my furniture?
    No. Excess oil and some polishes ie (pledge) contain silicone's that aren't great for lacquered surfaces. Simply wipe over with a warm soapy cloth. Oiled furniture attracts unwanted dust, wax feels sticky, while our finish is long lasting, enhances the grains in the timbers and adds a good degree of protection against water and heat.
  • How is your furniture finished?
    Rimu Furniture – Oiled sealed and polished in mirotone lacquers.
    Kauri Furniture – Stained sealed and polished in mirotone lacquers.
  • Do things leave marks – eg. If a cup is left on will there be a mark?
    No, it's a great finish. Hot coffee cups, plates are no problem but again, use your common sense. An indication for a safe amount of heat is, if you can comfortably hold the item in the palm of your hand it is not too hot for the lacquer. i.e. a coffee cup.
  • Is this the best deal?
    We are confident our prices are competitive. When comparing with others note Forest Furniture is Solid Wood product, be aware that others may use cheaper materials such as veneer.